Green Lake is the most visited place for most visitors comparing to other alpine lakes of Ajara. Interestingly, the lake is green during the day, and as the evening approaches, the color of the lake changes as well. Green Lake is located 6 km north of Goderdzi Pass in Khulo Municipality. You can reach the lake both by high-performance cars or on foot. When exploring it by foot, on the way to the lake, you will get to know the locals, (people who go to the mountains for a temporary summer pasturing) who will host you on the stove with coffee and local dairy products. The lake can also be preferable for overnight camping, picnics and boat trips. If you decide to explore the surroundings of the lake, be sure to hike around the Sabanela and the Black Lakes.

The best time to visit the lake is: May-October

Services & Prices

It is possible to camp by the lake to spend the night, picnic or boat ride on the lake.

How to get there

Taxi, price 150-180 GEL.

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