Distance from Batumi - 84 km; From the center of Shuakhevi - 40 km.

Jvarimindori is a summer pastures of Tskhemlisi village, which is located near the border of Guria, about 2000 meters above sea level. The longest network route Kintrishi-Gomismta-Tskhemlisi-Khabelashvili passes through Jvarimindori and it is also a crossroad where Kintrishi protected area, Shuakhevi municipality and Guria region are connected to each other. Before you get here, you will pass a family guest house and several sights along the way among which you should definitely see the three-century-old wooden bridge of the Khabelashvilebi.

Locals named this area Jvarimindori (lit. “Cross field”) in honor of the cross, which, in the 18th century, was hidden and rescued by the priests from Ajara. Moreover, on the top of this mountain, the cross is naturally depicted on the stone. It is symbolic that, in this very place, since 2012, annually on August 28, on the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the public holiday "Jvarimindoroba" is organized. At the festival a show of local folklore ensembles is held, an exhibition and sale of handicrafts is presented, competitions and hikes are organized.

Jvarimindori - a real alpine yaylas with small wooden houses of memteuri people and fog, makes a wonderful impression on the visitor. A traveler coming from a long journey can rest in those houses, enjoy fresh air, dairy products and stock up on water.


Setting up tents, visiting the 300-year-old Khabelashvili bridge. Transitional eco-adventure route on Tbikeli lake.


How to get there
Off-road vehicle.
Walking road 14 km from the village Khabelashvili.
Minibus in the direction of Batumi-Shuakhevi and Batumi-Chvana, price 4-5 GEL,
Address: Batumi Old Bus Station, Mayakovsky st. №1.