Nakonagvari Yalebi is the next 2 hours drive from Batumi, which is located at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, after which the territories of Turkey begin.

In Nakonaghvari Yale you will find yourself in the Merisi Valley, where, in addition to amazing views, you will see the beloved Merisi Falls, a legendary cold spring, the water of which will be difficult to stop for a few seconds.

Breeders spend about 4-5 months on nakonagvari. They stay in wooden houses all summer, look after livestock, feed on mountain grass, get healthy milk and prepare so many products that, in addition to winter storage, they also supply various markets in Batumi. During this period, Nakonakhvarevi Yale is visited by many travelers interested in nature and adventure tourism in Adjara.


picnic, jeep tour, hiking, setting up a tent.


How to get there
Off -road vehicle.