The website you just accessed is the result of our team's collaboration aimed at simplifying your journey through the Ajara region by providing you with all the necessary information on various travel topics. It is a kind of online directory that will be constantly updated and supplemented.

The Tourism Product Development Agency (TPDA) was created by the Department of Tourism and Resorts of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara. The main goal of the agency is to promote mountainous Ajara, create new tourism products, develop infrastructure, mark trails, organize thematic festivals, and manage information centers.

Since 2019, the agency has been actively implementing infrastructure projects aimed at diversifying and increasing the number of routes and tourism products in mountainous Ajara. This includes the construction of picnic areas, tourist shelters, hiking and biking trails, paths to waterfalls, infrastructure for canyoning, and other large-scale projects.

The Tourism Product Development Agency collaborates with international organizations such as UNDP, Austrian Development Cooperation, CENN, and others. It also participates in conferences and seminars on various topics related to mountain tourism.