Mount Latevri belongs to the village of Gobroneti, municipality of Keda, from which it is located 6 km, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. On high.

Gobroneti is one of the oldest villages in Adjara with beautiful panoramic views and forest paths. There are several family-run guest houses in the village, whose hospitable host will treat you to delicious local dishes, tell interesting stories about their customs and daily life, and listen to traditional polyphonic songs. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to take part in agricultural activities such as making cheese, cutting tobacco and distilling vodka, or helping the hostess in the kitchen and adding new recipes to your culinary experience.

From Gobroneti to Lattevri Mountain you have to cross a 12 km forest-marked hiking trail that promises a very interesting adventure. Here you will find the Colchis plant species typical for the Adjaristskali gorge, it is abundant on the slopes: chestnut, beech, hornbeam, oak, as well as conifers. On the way, you can meet wildlife, because there live: bears, wolves, foxes, turtles, etc., The bird world is also rich. On the way to Latevra, you will pass a beautiful waterfall with a fall height of 20 m.

The road to Mount Lattevri is rather difficult, about 1 km. You have to climb a steep cliff, but seeing the relatively small but beautiful ridges on the mountain, you will understand that this difficulty was really worth it. Especially if you are having a great time in the mountain gazebos, if you wish, you can spend the night, talk to farmers, learn about their agricultural activities and eat organic dairy products. Here is a clean spring and picnic area. After leaving Mount Latevre, you will return to Gobroneti by a circular route.


Visit to the Latevra waterfall, picnic, Visit to the weapons of Latevra, accommodation in local family hotels.


On average 60 GEL per night in a family hotel with three meals a day.


How to get there
Minibus: Batumi-Gobroneti, price 4 GEL,
Address: Batumi Old Bus Station, Mayakovsky St. №1.