Zortykeli  located in an alpine zone, on a mountain at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level. On high. This mountain moves from the Gorjomi gorge to the Bakhmaro resort and connects two regions - Adjara and Guria.

Zortykeli is the most densely populated area. Here peasants come from the villages of Gorjomi, take care of domestic animals, milk it, preserve dairy products in winter, and also sow potatoes here.

Farmers also have wooden houses in Zortykeli, but unlike others, they are quite large and mostly two-story, with livestock on the ground floor and the owner and his family on the second floor. There is a great potential for "equestrian tourism" in Zortykeli. Almost every family here has a horse, which is the main means of transportation for them, and guests are also happy to be offered a ride. At the end of August, a public holiday is held in Zortiketi, for which the locals are especially preparing. On this day, various competitions and events are organized, an exhibition and sale of handmade products, you can taste traditional dishes. The main event of the holiday is horse races - an unusual show for which locals and guests prepare all year round. Zortiketi Yale is especially crowded on this day.


Visiting Yale.


How to get there
by off-road vehicle,
130-150 GEL by taxi .