Chirukhi Summer Yale is located in the alpine zone, at 2148 m above sea level. It is crowded here in summer and life is busy. Small, brown wooden houses are visited by farmers whose main activity is cattle breeding. They leave their homes in early May and stay in the Yale with their family and cattle until the fall. During the summer, farmers tend the cattle, milk them, and make dairy products, some of which they sell and some of which they store for the winter.

The locals are especially distinguished by their hospitality, they pay great attention to all passers-by and it is enough to just ask them about the road, they will immediately offer you a break and a cup of coffee.

You have to cross the beautiful Mareti gorge to Mount Chirukha. Yalebi runs on the alpine route Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi. Nearby is Jinali Waterfall and a green lake decorated with alpine flowers.

There is a modern picnic area on Mount Chirukh, where a long-distance traveler can rest, eat, barbecue, unload on swings and continue the journey, or, if desired, set up a tent there.


setting up tents, lighting bonfires, picnicking, visiting Yale.


How to get there:
It is advisable to move along the route by 4x4 off-road vehicle, or use public transport, which passes from the old bus station in Batumi (address: Mayakovsky No. 1) towards the villages of Paposhvilis and Darchidze.
Minibus: Batumi-Shuakhevi, runs daily.
07: 50-18: 50, every half hour, price 4 GEL.
Minibus: Batumi-Darchidze, runs twice a week: on Tuesdays and Fridays at 14:00, the price is 6 GEL.
From July to mid-September, the minibus runs from Shuakhevi to the Tetrobi and Chirukhi mountains once a week according to a pre-established schedule. Travel is free.