Tkhilvani Yaylebi is located near the main historical landmark of Adjara - the Khikhani fortress. You can get here from two sides, from the village of Khikhadziri, as well as from Goderdzi, Yalebi is located only 12 km from the pass.

Tkhilvani Yaylebi, like other yaleys in the highlands of Adjara, are mostly summer pastures, where farmers raise livestock in late spring and spend the whole summer here with their families. During this period, this place is very crowded and full of life, and tourists are also frequent.

Thilvani are distinguished by their special location and beautiful views. There are the famous Shuamta lakes, around which there are small wooden houses of farmers. Frequent fog gives this place a special mystery.


Visiting Tkhilvana Menhir , Yalebi, Shuamta Lakes , visiting Khikhani Fortress.


How to get there
Minibus in the direction of Batumi-Tkhilvana , transport runs every day, once a day, price 10 GEL. 
Address: Batumi Old Bus Station, Mayakovsky St. №1.