Route details:
Duration: 2 day
Distance: 95 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Adventurous
Location: Khulo
Marked: Yes

Gordzhomi gorge is located about 12 km from the center of Khulo and is distinguished by its authenticity and preserved ancient traditions. This is a fairly densely populated place. The villages in the valley are known for their agriculture, abundance of cattle, as well as the presence of a large number of horses, which makes Gordzhomi even more attractive for tourism. In the gorge, you can still see residential houses (oda sakhli), built according to old traditions. Tourist attractions include a wooden mosque in the center of the village and cascading waterfalls in the Davladzeebi area.


Route description

Gordzhomi gorge is rather densely populated. In the center of the village there is a large five-domed wooden mosque. Approximately 450 meters from here there is a fork, from where the road leads directly to the resort of Bakhmaro, as well as to the waterfall. If we turn to the right, we will find ourselves in the Davladze area, to the camping sites and another waterfall.

The height of the water fall of the first cascade is almost 13 m. The second - 14 m. The third - 16 m, and the fourth - 19 m. The path leading to the waterfall is not landscaped. At the foot of the hill, on the banks of the river, there is a vast meadow that can be used for camping.

The road to the Bakhmaro resort is completely unpaved, and it is advisable to move along it by off-road vehicles. After Gordzhomi we find ourselves in the village of Sadzhogiya, which is used as a summer pasture.

Wooden houses predominate in these villages. There is also a small settlement called Samarile, followed by the village of Leknari, on the way to which you can see a waterfall, and in the village itself there is a small mosque.

From Leknari you can walk to the so-called "screaming stones" - a place where, according to local residents, there used to be an army camp.

From this place, beautiful views of the surroundings open up. There are many drinking springs and camping sites.

To continue the route, you need to return back from the valley and go in the direction of Bakhmaro. Near the road in Kikibo village you will see an ancient stone settlement, and a few kilometers to the left of the road you will come across a small stone "shelter".

After that, you should drive to the village of Zotikeli, which is most densely populated in summer. Here, in the center of the village, there are grocery stores, as well as a pharmacy and a mosque.

After Zotikeli, on the road to Bakhmaro, you will first pass the village of Shedrekili and then drive to Bakhmaro. In Bakhmaro you can find family-style hotels, grocery stores, bakeries, food service outlets, and a first-aid post.

In the center of the village there is an old church built entirely of wood.

Gordzhomi waterfall

There are 4 cascading waterfalls in the village of Gorjomi. The access road to the falls is well maintained and marked.
Waterfall №1 - height 12.5 m.
Waterfall №2 - height 14 m.
Waterfall №3 - height 16 m.
Waterfall №4 - height 19 m.

Gordzhomi mosque

The largest wooden mosque in Georgia, which is located in Gordzhomi, is decorated with five domes and has a large chapel. At the mosque there is also a recently built medrese (a Muslim religious and educational institution), in which students have the opportunity to live. The mosque is not only the largest in the region, but also decorated with the most colorful and rich details. Laz masters worked on the interior of the mosque.  


Horse riding
Horseback riding is a great way to spend time actively and get positive emotions. When visiting Gorjomi, you have the opportunity to rent horses from the locals. Organize horseback riding tours in the direction of Bakhmaro and enjoy the beautiful nature views!

Rates: 1 hour - 30 GEL.
Phone: +995 595026076

Hand-made products

In mountainous Adjara, the tradition of making handicrafts is still preserved. The female population of the village is taught knitting and embroidery from childhood, and the products they make are stored in a special box for the dowry. Here you will find exhibits, completely unique in terms of ornament, and technique of carving. Natural dyes are used for dyeing fabrics and yarns. During a visit to the Gordzhomi gorge, a tourist has the opportunity to buy beautiful embroidered rugs, colored hand-knitted socks, various gifts and souvenirs.  


Guest house
Location: Gordzhomi gorge, Labadzeebi village
Phone: (+995) 591 95 46 52
Number of rooms: 5
Total number of beds: 12
Overnight with meals: 40-50 GEL.

Additional Information:

The family hotel is located in the village of Labadzeebi, Gordzhomi gorge. If you stay at the house for a few days, you can taste local natural products and traditional Adjarian dishes. The owner will offer guests a horse ride from the Gordzhomi gorge to the Bakhmaro resort.

Guest house
Location: Gordzhomi gorge
Tel: (+995) 574 09 47 85
Number of rooms: 4
Total number of beds: 8
Overnight with meals: 70-80 GEL.

Additional Information:

The family-run hotel is built in a traditional style, both floors are made of wood and environmentally friendly materials. If you stay here for a few days, you will be treated to traditional Adjarian dishes such as borano, kaymagi, kaisafa, kuruti, hasuta, dried fruits, walnuts and oven baked pumpkin.

Guest house
Location: Ghorjomi Gorge, Adadzebi Village, 4th Street №7
Tel: (+995) 574 09 47 71
Number of rooms: 5
Total number of beds: 7
Overnight stay with meals: 70-80 GEL.


When traveling, be sure to take with you:
- Comfortable shoes
Light sports shoes can be used to move around the well-equipped paths. To move around the field (especially on tall grass), on rocky, difficult terrain (especially in rainy weather), appropriate high-soled shoes are required.
  - Comfortable clothing for hot, rainy or cold weather
  - Lantern, knife, matches / lighter
  - First aid kit, small shovel
  - As a meal, it is better to take a finished product that does not require special preparation.
Protect the environment!
Please don't pollute the environment! Carry special waste bags with you and do not put garbage in the ground! Make sure the fire is completely extinguished before leaving the area!


What can I see on the route?

Gordzhomi waterfall
Gordzhomi waterfall

Waterfalls Khulo

Gordzhomi Mosque
Gordzhomi Mosque

Cult buildings Khulo

Accommodation on the route

hito abuladze
hito abuladze

Guesthouse Khulo