Route details:
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 33 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Adventurous
Location: Khulo
Marked: Yes

Please be aware that a part of the route, from Lake Shuamta to Khikhani fortress, crosses the administrative border between Georgia and Turkey. Prior permission is required for this section.
The starting point of the route is Khulo municipality, the village of Khikhadziri, which is located 41 km from the center of Khulo and 116 km from Batumi. The route follows the car road and, after 3.3 km, reaches the village of Kveda Tkhilvana, where you can visit an ancient altar and mosque.

The route forms a semi-circle, starting from the southern side of Kveda Tkhilvana and heading northeast. After covering 6 km, it reaches the intersection of the Goderdzi Gorge and the village of Khikhadziri, revealing impressive landscapes. Travelers come to this place to enjoy the surrounding nature and capture its beauty in photographs. Just 200 meters away from the gorge, there is a picturesque alpine lake, the largest among the Shuamta lakes. Green meadows and pastures surround the lakes, attracting numerous visitors during the summer months.

While here, you can try traditional cuisine and even take part in the preparation of local dishes. From the Shuamta pastures, the route continues south, and after 2.5 km, it descends to the Tsiplnara pastures. This is a beautiful place with impressive views in all directions. From the Tsiplnara pastures, the route follows along the Chachuni River, and after 2 km, it reaches the border crossing point. Along the way, travelers may also come across another beautiful lake.

At the border, travelers are required to undergo a brief inspection and can then proceed further towards Khikhani fortress. After the checkpoint, the route continues along a hiking trail for 1.5 kilometers, at the end of which it ascends to Khikhani complex (2216 meters height, the highest point of the route). Part of the fortress has been restored, while historical fragments are also preserved. From here, we will head back to the village of Khikhadziri.

Information for the travelers:
If you are traveling by car, it must be an off-road vehicle (4X4)
During a bike ride along the route, it is recommended to stock up on drinking water in the village of Kveda Tkhilvana, as there may be no access to drinking water until the Shuamta pastures
On the route, there is no need to purchase food, as you can find it in every village or settlement
Visiting Khikhani fortress is not recommended for people with heart or respiratory problems, as the trail has a very steep ascent (height difference of about 400-420 m)


If desired, before or after completing the route, travelers can explore tourist attractions located in Khikhani, namely:
Medieval Vardtsikhe Fortress ( XI-XIII centuries);
Ruins of Tsikhiskeli Fortress (XI-XIII centuries);
Ruins of the altar in Kalota village (XI-XIII centuries);
Tikanauri altar in Khikhadziri, X-XI centuries;
Natural refrigerator in Mtisubani village;
Sherif Khimshiashvili’s grave in Mtisubani village;
Selim Khimshiashvili’s execution site in Baki-Bako village


What can I see on the route?


Fortresses Khulo


Fortresses Khulo