Route details:
Duration: 3 day
Distance: 39 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Adventurous
Location: Kobuleti
Marked: Yes

Description of the route from Chakhati village

The route starts from Chahati village and the main part of the route passes through the territory of the Kintrishi National Park. The route has several branches, the starting points of which are: Tskhemlisi village, Khabelashvili village and the Gomismta resort. Chakhati village is one of the starting points in this multiway route.

The route runs along the banks of the Kintrishi River and is surrounded by forests and mountain ranges. On the way, you will see small rivers, waterfalls and springs, as well as Kobalauri and Tskhemvana stone arched bridges. You can visit the Church of St. George in Tskhemvani and the Khinotsminda monastery.

Kintrishi National Park Visitor Center is 8.4 km from Chakhati village, where you can rest and spend the night. After 17 km from the visitor center, along a dirt road, you will reach Khinotsminda village. Here you can take a break, relax and, if necessary, spend the night at a local family hotel. Next to the guest house, a forest path begins in the direction of Lake Tbikeli. The main destination of the route is Lake Tbikeli, located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.

The path is fully marked, making the hike much easier. The distance from Khinotsminda Monastery to Tbikeli Lake is 14 km. On the way, you will come across places with beautiful panoramas of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

Route from Tskhemlisi village

From Tskhemlisi village the route goes along a dirt road to the yaylas (summer shepherd's camps) on the Peranga mountain. It is better to travel there by 4x4 cars. After the pastures, a hiking trail begins in the direction of Jvarimindori and Khinotsminda.

After 1.5 km, the path narrows significantly and leads to the top of the mountain, and then to Lake Tbikeli. The trail is full of panoramic views and is the best place to take beautiful photos.

Route from Khabelashvilebi village

To the north of the village of Khabelashvilebi there is a dirt road (4x4) leading to the resort of Gomismta. The trail impresses with beautiful views and alpine meadows.

After 14 km you will come to a fork where summer shepherds' pastures (yaylas) are located. Locals call this place Jvarimindori. If you go to the west from this fork, you can get to Tskhemlisi village, as well as to the Kintrishi National Park and Lake Tbikeli.

The route runs along a mountain range in the alpine zone. On the north side there is a road (4x4) that leads to the Gomismta resort, where you can get around by bike or horse. The length of the road is 14 kilometers.

Route from Gomismta resort

To the south of Gomismta resort, a dirt road leads to Lake Tbikeli, Khinotsminda Monastery, Kintrishi National Park and the villages of Khabelashvilebi, Tskhemlisi and Chakhati. The route has several branches, the starting points of which are: the villages of Tskhemlisi, Khabelashvilebi and Chakhati, as well as the resort of Gomismta. From the very beginning of the route, panoramic views of the alpine meadows open up. The route goes to the summer shepherd's pastures in the village of Tskhemlisi, which the locals call "Jvarimindori". Here you can have a snack and stock up on water. A fully marked route will allow you to navigate it without difficulty.

After passing 5.6 km from "Jvarimindvri", you come to a fork, from where in one direction, to the south, an unpaved path leads to the Tskhemlisi yaylas, and then to the Peranga mountain, and in the other direction, to the west, continues in the direction of Lake Tbikeli and Chakhati village.

In 3.4 km from this fork, we again come out to another fork, from where the trail leads to the north to Lake Tbikeli. There are several places along the way where you can set up camp. There is another trail to the south, to the Kintrishi National Park and the Khinotsminda Monastery. From here, a dirt road continues to Chakhati village.


General tips and tricks:

  • If you are not good at navigating the terrain, be sure to take a guide with you
  • Do not forget to bring a plastic garbage bag with you, there are no garbage cans on the route
  • Put on comfortable clothes: closed shoes with high soles, a cap and a raincoat. Bring a sleeping bag, flashlight, food, as well as sunscreen, insect repellent, a tent, backpack, and drinking water with you.
  • Please note that Lake Tbikeli is located in the subalpine zone, the temperature drops significantly at night, so do not forget to bring warm clothes
  • Take a small first aid kit with you
  • It is possible to find drinking water on certain sections of the route


What can I see on the route?

Kintrishi National Park
Kintrishi National Park

National parks and gardens Kobuleti

Khinotsminda village church
Khinotsminda village church

Cult buildings Kobuleti

Accommodation on the route


Guesthouse Shuakhevi


Guesthouse Kobuleti