Khinotsminda village church

The Episcopal Cathedral of Khinotsminda is located in Adjara,in the village of Khino, Kobuleti municipality.It dates from the IX century.Nowadays the temple remains only as ruins.According to Vakhushti Batonishvili, the church was a dome,according to Vakhushti Batonishvili, the church had a dome, although Dimitri Bakradze noted that it was similar to the church of Achi,which is domeless. The temple was damaged in the 18th century, during the invasion of the Ottomans.In 1873, Dimitri Bakradze found the building very damaged,only part of the altar and the altar were saved,the frescoes were fallen.The surviving parts were deliberately demolished in 1864.The church was further damaged by the earthquake,after which almost all the walls were cracked.Finally, Emil Tarieladze demolished the temple in 1919 in order to use the stones of the building for building a house.He hired lazy craftsmen who had trouble demolishing the temple and blew it up with dynamite.Later, they found a treasure with a clay pot in the churchyard,after which they stole it. Tarieladze could not build a house,he sank into the Kintrish river.

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Khinotsminda, Kobuleti