Kintrishi National Park is located 55 km from Batumi, in the Kobuleti municipality, in the gorge of the Kintrishi River, between the villages of Tsemvana and Khino, at an altitude of 300 - 2500 m above sea level. The park area is 13514 hectares. Since 1959, the territory of Kintrishi has been a protected landscape, and since 2019 it has been declared a National Park.

There are several zones here:
1. Kintrishi Reserve
2. Visitor Center
3. Traditional use zone

The reserved  area of the park is intended for scientific activity.



Seeing the surrounding villages and historical and cultural attractions (churches, the bridge of the 12th century)

Visitors are allowed to:

• Walk on the marked track
• Ride horses
• Conduct scientific and educational activities on special permission
• Have a picnic or break down the campsite
• Make fire in special places
• Take photos and videos
• Watch birds and animals

There are 2 hiking trails of different levels of complexity in Kintrishi National Park:

One is 1,2 km, and the second is 16 km. On the short path there is a tourist shelter near the Tsemvana village and a place for picnic and camping. The second one is a two-day route of medium difficulty. The route can be completed both on foot and on horseback. It starts from a tourist shelter in Tsemvana and goes to the lake “Tbikeli” (1900-2000 m. above sea level). The main inhabitant of the lake is the Caucasian Triton, which is listed in the Red Book of Georgia.



Accommodation and meals: You can stay in local guest houses. Overnight with breakfast will cost you about 30-40 GEL.

For additional information please visit:

Tel: +995 (577) 59 21 12


How to get there

1. Shuttle buses to Kobuleti and Chakhati villages. Cost: 1.00 GEL, duration - 40 minutes.
2. Shuttle buses depart from the territory adjacent to the Batumi Catholic Church (Address: 54, Gogebashvili St) every 15 minutes. The cost is 3 GEL.
3. By taxi. Price 70-80 GEL
4. As part of an organized or individual excursion

Contact info:
(+995) 577 59 21 12

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