Mtirala National Park

The Mtirala National Park route starts from the center of Daba Chakvi village. Near the Chakvitskali River you will see a sign from where you should turn to the village of Hala. On the way you will find several picnic areas and places for lunch. From Daba Chakvi you have to pass 15 km to the village of Chakvistavi, where the Visitor Centre of the National Park is located. Before you start the route, you can rest in the Visitor Center, see the exhibition hall and, if necessary, hire a ranger or rent all the necessary equipment.



You can get to the village of Chakvistavi by rural buses. They go 2 times a week on Mondays and Fridays. Buses depart from the old Batumi bus station. Schedule - Monday: Batumi-Chakvistavi 7:30 am / 5: 50 pm

Friday: Batumi-Chakvistavi 7:30 am / 5: 50 pm

You can also take a minibus in the direction of the village of Khala. Minibuses go regularly, several times a day, any day of the week. After drop off at the last stop, you need to walk 7 km.

Taxi: GEL 80 - 100

There is no public transport connecting Batumi and Mtirala, but you can choose one of the transportation options listed below:

Shuttle bus

Direction: Batumi - Chakvistavi (Visitor Center)

Days: Monday, Friday
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: from Batumi - 5 GEL, from Chakvi 2,5 GEL
Departure point: Batumi bus station
Departure time: 09:40 / 15:40
Return time: 10:40 / 17:00

Contact info:
Chakvistavi, Kobuleti ;
(+995) 577 10 18 89 ; (+995) 577 64 04 75

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