Thilvani Menhir (Stone Age, VIII-VII BC)


When history keeps silence, stones are talking. However, Tkhilvani menhir turned out to be dumb. Accordingly, nobody knows what was its function as well as nobody knows what was a menhir's function in general.


Menhir is a simple megalith building-vertical column with height about 20 meters. Archaeologists think that it was connected to funeral ritual. There is also an assumption that these stones were set in honor of great dates, or to mark the border.


Going to see the Tkhilvani menhir is as interesting as reckless. First of all, there is no stone with age of the menhir in Tkhilvani and second maybe, you will find out the detail which discovers the world mystery about menhir's function.

Contact info:
Tkhilvana, Khulo

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