It is located in Adjara, Kobuleti municipality, in Kintrish valley. It dates back to the IX-X centuries. The length of the bridge is 20 meters, the width is 2.55 meters. Its right side rests on an artificial pier, and its left side rests on a natural rock, thus it resembles the Basrishel bridge. Tshemvani Bridge is arched like other bridges in Kintrish Valley. The construction of the bridge was started with flat stones from the banks of the river, and the arch was built with cut stone. The bridge has been restored, in 2012 it was rehabilitated: the carriageway was cleaned of soil and damaged parts, the surface of the bridge was cleaned of vegetation and treated biochemically, the weathered seams were washed out and filled with lime, the lower screen of the bridge was also cleaned, and the carriageway of the bridge was filled with new stones.

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Tskhemvana, Kobuleti

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