Machakhela National Park is located in Khelvachauri Municipality and is 30 km away from Batumi. The main goal of creating the park is to maintain the unique biodiversity and ecosystems of Colchic forests. Administration and Visitor Center are located in Khelvachauri Municipality, village Acharisaghmarti.


Territory of the park is represented with forests covering the slopes around the River Machakhela.  Unique species of relict forests are represented on the area: Colchic bot box, chestnut, nut, hazel-nut, bot, etc. There are three pedestrian trails integrated with the car route in the park area. Active tourist season lasts from May to October.  


It is the best destination if you seek to discover new adventures places. 

Contact info:
Zeda Chkhutuneti, Khelvachauri
(+995) 595 08 60 75

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