This is the most important historical monument of Georgia. The fortress is located 12 km from Batumi. It was built by the Romans, in the first century AD. Later, the fortress was used as a stronghold by the Byzantines and from the 16th century by the Ottomans. On the territory of the fortress there is a symbolic tomb of the Apostle Matthias.


Services & Prices

Entrance fee:10 GEL

Up to 6 years: Free

Childrens 6-16 :2 GEL

Students 3 GEL

Excursion: 25 GEL;

Audio guide: 10 GEL;

Georgian, Russian and English speaking guide services;

Admission to the wedding party: 60 GEL;

Signing ceremony: 150 GEL.


How to get there

The bus №16 
№33 and №88 minibuses from Tbilisi Square;
For any minibus that passes Gonio or Sarpi, the fare is 1,50 GEL.
Taxi with individual or group excursion (20-25 GEL).

Contact info:
55, Apsaros Avenue, Gonio
(+995) 577 59 19 18

Additional info: