Route details:
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 90 km
Difficulty: Hard
Type: Adventurous
Location: Khulo
Marked: No

The route starts from the first building of the Kedli ski base and follows the dirt road of the village to the north-east. After about 1 km, the village ends and after crossing a small stream, it leads to a meadow, which is a good picnic spot. From here you can see a panoramic view of Argineti mountain and Khulo villages.

From the meadow, the road continues along the footpath and again follows the mountain slope to the northeast. After 1.5 km, there is a turn in the direction of the waterfall. The waterfall has three waterfalls - the height of the first waterfall is 4 m., the second one is 11 m. and the third 5 m. The water follows the rock and due to its scarcity, it cannot reach the depth of the point of fall. To continue the road to the top of Mount Karati, it is necessary to turn back from the waterfall. A path used by herders leads north from the turn towards Safileti Mountain.

The Safileti mountain, located one kilometer from the turn of the waterfall, is used by the people of Kedlebi village as a summer pasture, and they have built cottages and cattle stalls there. There are good picnic spots on Safileti mountain. In the middle of the trail, there are large and well-groomed fields by the river, with beautiful views, which allow us to take a break and also spend the night. From Safileti mountain, we follow the road towards Karati mountain, which soon ends, and to climb the mountain, it is necessary to find a path in the forest.

It is no longer possible to continue the road from the top of the Karati mountain, and to return back, it is necessary to take the same road.

The trail is of medium difficulty. Drinking and technical water can be found in the village and on Safileti mountain, where it is also possible to arrange a picnic area.

The village is distinguished by many tourist destinations, but the views are particularly noteworthy, especially on Mount Argineti, which is one of the main sights from Khulo township.