There are few places in the world where bird migration is as impressive as Adjara. The amazing sight of bird migration can become one of the main reasons for coming here. From mid-August to mid-October, thousands of birds of prey of 32 different species fly over the 10-kilometer coastline of Adjara. If you want to witness the peak migration, you should time your visit in September or early October.

Birdwatching tourism has become one of the popular destinations of ecotourism in Adjara and has the greatest potential. The Black Sea coast, in particular, the outskirts of Batumi, is known as the "Migratory Corridor of the Eastern Black Sea", where more than 1,000,000 migratory birds of prey are recorded every year. is on the ground, which is why the region attracts more tourists and scientists interested in this field from different parts of the world every year.


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