Tourist infrastructure at the Ispani bog

The protected area of Kobuleti, the Ispani peatland, is a state reserve of international significance, boasting rich biodiversity. In 2021, these peatlands were added to UNESCO's World Heritage List alongside the national parks of Mtirala and Kolkheti, as well as the protected areas of Kintrishi. The Kobuleti protected area, covering 770 hectares, is located just 500 meters from the sea. It comprises two main zones: "Ispani 2" - a sphagnum peatland and a state reserve, and "Ispani 1" - a protected area.

"Ispani 2" is specifically recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, while "Ispani 1" (1 hectare) is considered a buffer zone allowing tourist activities. In 2021, the Tourism Product Development Agency undertook a project for the development of infrastructure within the protected area, envisioning the creation of environmentally friendly walking paths, observation towers, leisure cottages, parking zones, and visitor center. The project is currently in the process of implementation, starting in 2021 and scheduled for completion in 2024.