Tbikeli Lake

According to folk accounts, the lake in the Kintrishi Protected Area, called Tbikeli, was formerly called “Seabed”. From here the Black Sea coast looks nicely and as locals say, that is why the name was called by the ancestors. If you look at the lake it has a heart shape, which makes the spectacle even more attractive. There is another interesting legend about Lake Tbikeli. It is said that one animal was living in the lake, which came out of the lake every day and kept the bull in wrestling on the field until evening. The bull was tired of coming back from the pasture every day, this fact was interesting to its owner from Khino Gola Dede Makharadze and once he was back along with other villagers. When he saw what was going on, he attached the swords on its horns. After that, the animal no longer appeared. People decided to dry out the lake and see the bull, but every time they had tried heavy rain was starting. At last the locals saw this as a divine source and stopped investigation. This lake is also distinguished by the fact that the Caucasian Triturus, representative of the tailed amphibian, lives here. Triton can be seen in the lake using for hiking and horse riding tours in the protected areas. Tbikeli Lake Route is 14 km in length, starting from the Khinotsminda place. This route includes tourist shelter, standing on top of the misty clouds, which offers spectacular views of the Adjara-Guria Mountains.

The best time to visit the lake is: June-September

How to get there:
Minibus Batumi-Kobuleti,
Address: Near the Catholic Church

Contact info:
Kobuleti, Kobuleti