Nuri Lake (also Pioneer Lake, other names: Nuri-Geli or Gel-Bashi) – natural lake in Adjara, Batumi, near the Black Sea coast. It is located 0.2 m above sea level. It uses mostly groundwater.

In the XIX century it was a swampy area. The city's garden was transformed into a children's park in 1933. The park and lakeshores were renovated. The canal was connected to the Black Sea. In 1947, the first ship "Pioneer" was launched into the lake and on October 28, 1988, the ship "Ace". It is rich with different types of fishes. Nuri Lake has many legends and historical facts.

You can rent a boat at Nuri Lake, if you would like, you can try to be a captain and ride a boat.

There is the “May 6 Park” also named "Central Park of Batumi", which is the best place for leisure. The park has small children's entertainment areas and a small zoo.


Nuri-Geli Lake was called Gel-Bashi Lake. It is said that it has a tragic history. According to legend, a child was drowned in the lake named Nuri. The mother used to go to the lake every day and call her - Nuri, Geli.


The governor of Batumi, General Smekalovsky, decided to make a garden around the lake. A Prussian gardener, Rasler was in charge of the arrangement of the garden. According to the governor Resler had to finish the garden in 10 years. The garden consisted of two parts: the park and the garden. According to the agreement, Resler had to plant shrubs, coniferous and ornamental trees, he should have taken care of their development.

During three years, Resler and his assistant have been able to clear the lake's territory, make the alley and plant evergreens. In 1884, Resler died and a French gardener continued his work. In 1888, the Russian emperor visited Batumi. In honor of the Emperor, the garden was called the "Garden of Alexandrov". At that time, the garden area was 78,000 sq. m. Since 1993 the park was renamed "Children's Park" and later "Pioneer Park". The statue of Fadiako Gogitidze, the first Adjarian woman pilot, was erected. At the same time, it was decided to build a zoo in Children's Park.

After a twenty-year interval, the park was reconstructed and the zoo was also improved. The area is 20 hectares for today. The animal shelter was provided for both summer and winter stalls. The zoo is divided into three sectors: for birds, marsupial and ungulate animals. In the near future, a contact zoo will be opened with rabbits, guinea pigs and horses. The purpose of the contact zoo is to fall in love with animals and have a sense of responsibility to them. Since 1936, the park has been actively involved in children programs. Summer theatre was opened. The club of young sailors, chess club "Tsitsinatela" were opened too. There were 15 clubs in the park at that time.

The first swings and attractions have been built in the park since 1947. During the Soviet Union, a dolphinarium was built in the park in 1975. It belonged to the world's largest dolphinarium. The dolphinarium was interesting for locals as well as for tourists. That’s why the symbol of Batumi is a dolphin. In the early 1990s, the dolphinarium was closed due to the difficult political and economic situation in the country. After a twenty-year, with the efforts of Batumi City Hall and the charity fund “Cartu” the dolphinarium was reopened.

The Dolphinarium is part of the Black Sea Flora and Fauna Scientific Research Center. Charity fund "Cartu" donated 7 dolphins to the dolphinarium. The dolphinarium is currently home for 14 Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins from the Red Book. They are having rehabilitation and don’t participate in the show. Children and teens have a chance to get to know them more closely, they can swim in the pool with dolphins. In 1966, the aquarium was opened in the park, where 60 species of freshwater, different sea and ocean animals were living. Currently, there are about 100 species here. Among them, there is a Japanese carp too.

In 2006-2007, the park was renovated. New plants were planted, the lake was fortified, English-style lawns were made. Today the park is called "May 6 Park", it covers a larger area of ​​165,000 square meters.

For 130 years, many things have been changing and building in the park. Nowadays, the park is one of the most interesting leisure complexes in Adjara, where people of different ages can relax and have fun.

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