The traditional folk festival, which is held annually in the village of Oladauri, near St Georges's Church. The holiday is directly related to the construction of this church, which was built in 2005. The peculiarity of the holiday is the rite of mass baptism, from which the celebration begins. Maretoba hosts cultural, sporting events, choreographic and vocal folk ensembles. At the end of the holiday, the honorary citizen Mareti is chosen. He is awarded a diploma and symbolic gifts.

Mareti Gorge is located along the Chirukhistskali and Tbetistskali rivers, and includes 25 villages and 4 rural communities. On the way to Mareti Gorge you can see the fortress of Okropilauri, Darchidzeebi and Chirukhi Mountain.

Date: May 7

Venue: Municipality of Shuakhevi, Mareti Gorge

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