Machakhloba is a national holiday, which is celebrated annually since 2007.  As part of the holiday, such activities as ethnographic exhibitions, exhibitions of works of local artisans, as well as the exhibition and sale of rural products are held. During the event, you can taste the local national dishes, such as Machakhelа mchadi, lobio, etc. The festival program also includes sports competitions, an exhibition of  legendary Machakhela guns, folklore dance shows and concerts of local folklore groups. In addition, visitors can buy local honey, which is very tasty and healthy and is considered to be a kind of attraction of this part of Adjara. At the end of the holiday, the village elder according to tradition awards the “Belt of the honored guest of Machakhela” to one of the guests, and also announces the honorary resident of Machakhela.

On the way to the festival you should definitely visit the Gvara Fortress and take a photo at the Machakhela Gun Monument.

Date: September-October

Venue: Khelvachauri Municipality, Machakhela Gorge

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