Folk festival "Kolkhoba" is held since 1979 in order to preserve and maintain Laz folklore. The event is held in Sarpi, on the sea coast, and representatives of various regions of western Georgia take part in it. They organize exhibitions devoted to the history of Colchis and presenting various photographic materials about the history of this holiday. Performances of choreographic and vocal groups are one of the most interesting sections of the festive program. The celebration begins in Sarpi village, after which the participants move to the ancient Gonio-Apsaros fortress, where a performance dedicated to the Argonauts, the era of King Aeetes and Medea, is held.

Within the framework of the holiday, visitors can taste Lazian dishes, visit the Sarpi Ethnographic Museum, the church and the waterfall.

Organizers: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, Khelvachauri municipality.

Free visit

*The Argonauts are the heroes of the ancient Greek epic. They accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

*Colchis - the oldest Georgian kingdom, known for its culture, wealth, developed economy.

Date: September-October

Venue: Sarpi, Gonio



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