Didacharoba is a spiritual holiday. It is annually celebrated on May 12, on the Day of Remembrance of St. Andrew the First-Called, in the village of Didachara. It was from  Didachara village that the Apostle Andrew the First-Called began to preach and spread Christianity in Georgia. The first baptism was carried out here. The first baptism was carried out here. The first temple in Adjara was also built in Didachara.

The program of the event includes scientific conferences, in which professors and students of Georgian universities, as well as clergy representatives take part. At the end of the conference, the liturgy is held in the church of the monastery complex Schalta.

Also in the framework of the event the folklore evenings with the participation of local ensembles are held. Transportation of those who wish to participate in the celebration is carried out by the organizers. Guests of “Didacharoba” can also visit the route “Tago-Shalta” in the historical Shalta Gorge, Sheriff Khimshiashvili house museum and Khikhani fortress.

Date: May 12

Venue: Khulo municipality, Didachara village

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