Effendi Villa, Ivanovo Country House

Effendi Villa, also General Ivanov's country house, is located in Adjara, Kobuleti city, at Davit Aghmashenebeli number 568.

Effendi Villa is a cultural heritage monument, today it is run by the descendants of General Ivanov, who created a museum/educational institution there. They invited restorers and preserved the original appearance of the monument as much as possible.

General Ivanov's country house is a remnant of Russian imperialism in Georgia, it is even necessary to preserve and visit it, because we can better imagine Russian imperialism and how the retired generals lived in Georgia, including Kobuleti, where they had several dozen palaces. Among them this country house, which was built by Italian architects.

Contact info:
568, D. Aghmashenebeli st., Kobuleti
+995 555 390 559