Summer is the most festive time of year in Adjara, with colorful shows throughout the region, the chance to hike high in the highlands of Adjara, and lovely coastal areas where you can enjoy the sea. The average temperature in summer is 20-30C and it is pleasantly warm during this months. Ajara is home to several resort coastal towns, such as Sarpi, Kvariati, Gonio, Chakvi and Kobuleti rhat are generally packed with tourists during summer.

5 reasons to visit Ajara in summer
  1.  To enjoy a summer full of festivals and concerts;
  2.  To experience the delight of rafting down the raging rivers;
  3.  To try the mountain bike routes that are crossing the breathtaking landscapes at high altitude;
  4.  To enjoy cliff jumping, standing beneath a waterfall and swimming in a crystal clear river water;
  5.  To see endemic plant and animal species while hiking in national parks.