If you decide to have a picnic in nature with your family on weekends, while still enjoying the autumn scenery, be sure to visit the Chvana gorge. At this time, the real fall is in the mixed forests. In this valley, in the village of Naghvarevi, Lelti Lake is situated, which looks breathtaking in autumn and creates a wonderful contrast amid the snowy mountains. The same lake inhabits the Caucasian Triton. Until now, it was known that this member of the Salamander family lived in Adjara only in Kintrishi Protected Area, in Lake Tbikeli. There are hiking trails and picnics on the lake. Before visiting the lake, be sure to stroll along the Khabelashvili wooden bridge, which is the only wooden-roofed bridge in Adjara and counts three centuries. From the bridge of Khabelashvili, you can easily find your way to the village of the mills, where there is still the mills operating on several water wheels.

The best time to visit the lake is: May-October.

How to get

Batumi-Naghvarevi by minibus,
Address: Batumi Old Bus Station, Mayakovsky St. №1.