Khihani Fortress is distinguished by its special location. It is located in the upper reaches of the Shalta and Khikhani rivers, 125 km. from Batumi, on the Shavsheti ridge, at an altitude of 2635 m. above sea level. This is a military building of the 12th century, occupying a total area of ​​1 ha. Inside the walls there are rooms for observation, and on the territory of the fortress there are various premises that were used as a bakery, cellar or churches in ancient times. For several centuries, the Khikhiani Fortress was the residence of the Ajarian dukes Abueridze.

How to get there:

Minibuses that go to Khikhadziri from the old Batumi bus station

Batumi - Khikhadziri daily at 10:00.

Khikhiadziri - Batumi at 09:00

Fare: 8 GEL

From the Khikhakhziri village to the foot of the mountain on which the Khikhani fortress is located, you will have to walk on foot, or rent a jeep (50-60 GEL). The last stop is a picnic area, from where you have to hike uphill 1.5 km to the fortress.