The Khutsubani Arched Bridge is distinguished by two aspects: the first is that, unlike most arched bridges, it consists of two arches, and the second is that, unlike most arched bridges, no one can say that this bridge was built by Queen Tamar. Or, if they says so, then they will have to explain how the image of Namgal and Uro with a five-pointed star attached to it appeared on the tile placed at the foot of the bridge. Consequently, it is not difficult to guess that the bridge was built during the Soviet period and because of its uniquely memorable visuals it is impossible to mix it with other bridges. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, you can also use the bridge to throw pebbles into the river and observe the circles they create, to practice golf, to walk with your girlfriend, and even to cross from one shore to another. Khutsubani Bridge is made of reinforced concrete and basalt stone. Consequently, if at least the four elephants standing under its arches do not decide to move on a huge tortoise, it will stand still for a long time and will serve people who do not know how to swim or who are just lazy to get wet.

How to get there

How to get there:
Minibus Batumi-Kobuleti,
Address: Adjacent to the Catholic Church.

Minibus from Kobuleti to Khutsubani,
Address: Near to Freedom Street №20.

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