The Khulo Museum of Local Lore was founded in 1983 and is still operating. The museum mainly stores materials reflecting the life and ethnography of Adjara, tools of labor of the 19th-20th centuries, copper and clay ceramics, applied arts, materials reflecting history, embroidery, numismatics, photographs of local artists, etc. The museum has sections: ethnography , sculpture, archeology, numismatics, historical photography and graphics. The exhibits in the museum reflect the history of the Khulo municipality. It periodically hosts exhibitions stored in the fund, as well as museum lessons and talks about museums are held as part of the educational program by prior arrangement. The aim of the educational program is to attract the younger generation to familiarize, study and preserve cultural heritage.

Address: Khulo, Tbel Abuseridze st. №9.

Contact: (+995) 551 09 82 40 (+995) 551 09 82 39


Services & Prices

Working hours: every day, except weekends, 10: 00-18: 00.


Price: Free.

How to get

How to get there:

Minibus in the direction of Batumi-Khulo,

Address: Batumi Old Bus Station, Mayakovsky St. №1.

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