Khabelashvili Bridge

This is a unique covered 25 meter wooden arched bridge. Almost 3 centuries ago, it was built to connect local villages with each other. The bridge is made of chestnut and boxwood. In the old days, the roof of the bridge was made of wood. Later the wood was replaced by tin. The foundation of the bridge is the same as that of the stone arched analogues. Previously, the bridge could be passed on a cart, now only on foot.

In 2013, the Khabelashvili bridge was granted culture heritage status by  the Georgian Cultural Heritage Protection National Agency. In 2015, the bridge was restored. Restoration work was carried out exactly according to the construction method that was used 300 years ago.

How to get there:

• By minibuses that go to Shuakhevi, Chvana or Khulo. They depart from the old Batumi bus station. The cost is 4-5 GEL.

• As part of an organized or individual excursion.






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