Mtirala National Park

Route details:
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 25 km
Difficulty: Easy
Type: Eco route
Location: Kobuleti
Marked: Yes

The Mtirala National Park route starts from the center of Daba Chakvi village. Near the Chakvitskali River you will see a sign from where you should turn to the village of Hala. On the way you will find several picnic areas and places for lunch. From Daba Chakvi you have to pass 15 km to the village of Chakvistavi, where the Visitor Centre of the National Park is located. Before you start the route, you can rest in the Visitor Center, see the exhibition hall and, if necessary, hire a ranger or rent all the necessary equipment.

In Mtirala National Park there are two hiking trails of different degrees of complexity:

Trail № 1 „Tsalbnari
Type of the route: hiking

Season:  May-October
Length of the circular route: 7 km
Height above sea level: 260 - 445 m
Degree of complexity: simple 

The circular route "Tsalbnari" starts from the Visitor Centre and goes to the gorge of the Chakvistskali River. At the beginning of the route you will find a mechanical cable car, which will take you to the other side of the river. Then you can continue your way to the waterfall. This stretch of the trail is covered with the rhododendron shrubs that magnificently bloom in the spring. After walking 1,5 km, you will come to the zipline, where extreme lovers can enjoy descending the zipline rope between evergreen tree crowns. A few meters from the zipline the road is divided into two directions: if you are going to visit only the lake, then turn left, and if you also want to see the waterfall, turn right, and after 1.5 km you will find yourself at a 15-meter waterfall. After walking 1 km back from the waterfall, you will get to the small beautiful lake. Here you can stop for a picnic in a place specially adapted for this purpose and have a swim.

Trail № 2 "Tsivtskaro"
Type of the route: hiking
Duration: 2 days
Season:  June - September
Lenght of the circular route: 16 km
Height above sea level: 260-1250
Degree of complexity: medium

In comparison with the "Tsalbnari" trail, the "Tsivtskaro" trail is more complicated and is designed for lovers of long-distance hiking. The two-day route starts from the center of the visitor center and ends at an altitude more than 1250 m above sea level. At the beginning of the route you will need to cross the broadleaf Colchis forest. In addition to a diverse flora, along the route you can also meet representatives of the local fauna: brown bear, roe deer, marten and chamois. Natural springs with crystal-clear water are often found on the way.

On the 9th kilometer of the route there is a tourist shelter for 8 people. There are also places for picnic and fire. The last stretch of the trail is covered by 70% of beech forest.

Since "Tsivtskaro" trail is relatively difficult, it is recommended that you take a guide or ranger with you.


You can get to the village of Chakvistavi by rural buses. They go 2 times a week on Mondays and Fridays. Buses depart from the old Batumi bus station. Schedule - Monday: Batumi-Chakvistavi 7:30 am / 5: 50 pm

Friday: Batumi-Chakvistavi 7:30 am / 5: 50 pm

You can also take a minibus in the direction of the village of Khala. Minibuses go regularly, several times a day, any day of the week. After drop off at the last stop, you need to walk 7 km.

Taxi: GEL 80 - 100

There is no public transport connecting Batumi and Mtirala, but you can choose one of the transportation options listed below:

Shuttle bus

Direction: Batumi - Chakvistavi (Visitor Center)

Days: Monday, Friday
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: from Batumi - 5 GEL, from Chakvi 2,5 GEL
Departure point: Batumi bus station
Departure time: 09:40 / 15:40
Return time: 10:40 / 17:00

Direction: Batumi-Hala (7 km to the Visitor Center)
Days: Every day
Departure time: 08:30, 11:30, 14:30, 17: 50
Return time: 09:20; 12:20; 15:20; 18:30
Ticket price: 1 GEL

You can get from Batumi to Chakvi by Kobuleti minibus. The minibus departs from the territory adjacent to the Batumi Catholic Church (Address: 54, Gogebashvili Str; Cost: 1 GEL). In Chakvi you should take taxi to get to the Visitor Center (One way: 20 -30 GEL, both ways: 50-60 GEL).

The easiest way to get to Mtirala National Park is by taxi (80-100 GEL) or as part of an organized tour. Information about travel agencies arranging Mtirala tours can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centers or on

General advice and recommendations

  • Before the trip, contact the park administration and find out all the details of the upcoming trip
  • If you are not sure, take a ranger with you. If you use inadequate maps and have poor orientation skills, you can get lost
  • Be sure to carry garbage bags with you. The complex terrain of the park does not allow servicing trash cans
  • Wear comfortable clothes, thick-soled shoes and a cap. Take a raincoat in case of rain. Do not forget bathing suits. You can swim in the park.
  • Have a first aid kit with you

More detailed information about the services of Mtirala National Park is available on the official website


Address: Daba Chakvi, 13 Megeneishvili Str.


What can I see on the route?

Tsablnar waterfall
Tsablnar waterfall

Waterfalls Kobuleti

Accommodation on the route

Mtirala House
Mtirala House

Cottage Kobuleti

Eter kontselidze
Eter kontselidze

Guesthouse Kobuleti

Guram Kontselidze
Guram Kontselidze

Guesthouse Kobuleti

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