Birdwatching Festival


September 2-8, Batumi / Kobuleti

Batumi Birdwatching Festival is one of the most memorable and interesting festivals held in Adjara throughout the year. The festival takes place in autumn, when the air temperature has not significantly decreased, nature has not changed its colors, and the mass migration of birds has already begun and attracts both amateurs and scientists from various countries of the world.


The Batumi Migration Corridor is one of the largest, ranking 3rd in the world. The festival is celebrated regularly since 2012, and there are always a lot of people willing to attend it.


The neighborhoods of Batumi are known as the Eastern Black Sea Migration Corridor through which about one million migratory birds of prey migrate annually. The unique topography of the region and the climate create all conditions for the migration.


The season of birdwatching in Adjara officially starts on August 16 and ends on October 16. The festival takes place in early September and leaves an unforgettable impression. There are active birdwatching locations in the region from which all amateurs can watch birds, as well as participate in the research work of Georgian and international ornithologists, and learn a lot about the diversity of migratory birds.


To date, there are two birdwatching platforms in Adjara, which are located in the village of Sakhalvasho and Chaisubani-Shuamta. You can also observe the migration of birds from the peatlands of Ispani, the Chorokhi river delta, from the territory of the Mtirala and Kolkheti parks.

The festival is organized by the Tourism Product Development Agency of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara. The idea of ​​holding such a festival belongs to the International Environmental Protection Organization BRC (Batumi Raptor Count).


BRC annually publishes a report, which indicates the types and number of migratory birds in a season. According to data from the last festival, in September-October 2018, 1 145 774 migratory birds of prey were recorded, which is a very large indicator (


Guests who intend to spend a lot of time watching migratory birds can stay in Adjara for a few more days and spend the night in comfortable guesthouses near the birdwatching platforms.


We are waiting for you at the next festival. Let's meet autumn together!

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