In the alpine zone of Adjara, on the Arsiani ridge, Bako Yalebi are located in the upper reaches of the Skhalta River, at an altitude of 1380 m above sea level. The territory of Yalebi belongs to the Tkhilvani community. There is a beautiful, rather large waterfall, the entrance to which is not yet paved, difficult to access and not marked.

Bako Yalebi, like other Yalebi in Adjara, are summer pastures for the local population who are engaged in animal husbandry. In May, the farmers return to their small wooden houses with their families and livestock. At this time of year, the Yells are full of life and crowded. With the onset of autumn, whether it's cold for the first time or not, farmers leave Yale and return to their villages. They bring with them dairy products made from cattle, which in summer feed on the healthiest mountain grass they need for winter.




Visiting Baku waterfalls, Khikhani fortress and Shumta lakes


How to get there


How to get there:

 Minibus in the direction of Batumi- Baku , transport runs every day, once a day, price 10 GEL. 

Address: Batumi Old Bus Station, Mayakovsky St. №1.